Diet of the Rex Guinea Pig

Rex Guinea Pig is the largest breeds of these pigs. Its hair is short and dense. The texture is very wooly. Length is between 20-45 centimeters. Lifespan is 6 years depending on the environment. The breeding period is 20 weeks and 65 to 72 days gestation period. It is able to produce 3 litters for the first 6 times of giving birth. It is a calm and gentle animal that does not need grooming and trimming like other breeds.

Diet of the Rex guinea pig is not particular but must contain a nutritional mix of food that contains all categories of a balanced diet, that is, proteins, starch, and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits can be given but mainly as treats but should be in minimal quantity to avoid getting sick anddeveloping liver problems and/ or diarrhea. Its little body is unable to produce vitamin C so this is supplemented by feeding it fruits and vegetables. The vegetables include; tomato, corn skills, parsley, Chinese cabbage, clover, broccoli, dandelion, and fruits includes; strawberries, melon, apple, blueberries, banana, cantaloupe.

While considering the food diet, note that fresh water is very important and should be changed frequently to avoid contamination which might make the guinea pig sick. Definitely you do not want your pig to get sick.

The grass is also good for it as mainly it is fresh and contains no chemical. A guinea pig eats a lot of grass at first then slows down when it is full. One should ensure that it is not fed a lot of grass since it may cause stomach upset and diarrhea. The pig’s poop becomes gooey. You can leave the guinea pig access grass on the lawn or give fresh grass in its pen on a daily basis.

It may not drink water during winter season since they get plenty of fruits and vegetables that it consumes but drink a lot of water on hotter days as these fruits and vegetables are not in plenty.

Britax B-Ready Stroller Review

Britax B-Ready Stroller is one of the best versatile strollers available in the market today.
Factors to consider when buying a baby stroller:
1. Adaption- the best choice of stroller is one which can adapt for use during travel by car with seat attachment straps and safety harness. 
2. Storage- If space is limited in your house then you need a stroller that is compact when it folds down and also when storing it in the car boot for travelling by car.
3. Easy to clean- A good stroller is one which is easy to clean as baby’s tend to make a lot of mess, so fabric that can be wiped down easily is a must.
4. Safety for your baby- choose a stroller with proper safety features such as easy brake locking and manoeuvre and a safety harness. 
5. Weight- Light-weight strollers are the best choice for travelling purposes. A light one is easy to use on the pavements and can also be easy to fold. 
6. Consider accessories when looking for a baby stroller and if there is room to carry things like diaper bag and shopping. 

All above features can be achieved with this Britax B-Ready stroller. It is a cozy baby stroller with amazing 14 different innovations. The stroller is designed for comfortable seating and makes the infant feel relaxed and centered. This remarkable baby stroller is compact, thus can be easily folded and taken anywhere without adding extra weight or calling demand for space. Britax B-Ready Stroller is loaded with safety features, like 5-points harness system and padded strap.
Britax B-Ready Stroller, otherwise known as the Click and Go Stroller, is one that you can have for the entire time your child is an infant to a toddler, up to 55 lbs. Britax B-Ready Stroller looks like the buggy’s of the old days only so much more compact, safe, and comfortable for both baby and parent. It allows your infant to lay flat.

Key features and benefits

You can also attach the Chaperone Infant Car Seat and you will have a travel system. Click and Go the car seat into this Britax B-Ready Stroller and you are ready to go. Use the infant car seat in the airplane, and put the stroller in baggage. 
When you get to your destination, you won’t have to worry about how you’re going to transport your baby safely. You also won’t have the bulk or hassle of having a separate stroller and car seat to have to carry.

It has a canopy to protect the child from rain, wind, or damaging UV rays. The fabric is soft, and easily removable for cleaning. It comes in a variety of colors to match your stroller. You can also unclip the bassinet from the stroller and use it as a bed if you’re going visiting. You can also purchase accessories such as mosquito net, or rain covers.
When your baby gets a little older, now you’re ready to use the stroller seat. This seat can face you or face out. It reclines in 3 different positions.

Durability is an important factor for this stroller since this unit is designed to be used for years


Having a baby is one of the best feelings in the world, and so it is natural for you as a parent to want to give your child the best he or she can get. With the everyday busy schedules, you will always desire to maximize on the little time you have with your kids, by going out with all of them and spending some quality time together. This introduces the need for a stroller, and with a flooded market, making a wise buy is important, and if that is what you are looking for, the contours options lt tandem stroller is the best buy yet.

A product of kolcraft, contours options lt tandem stroller should grab your attention as it won the NAPPA gold medal award for the best stroller in 2012. With so much to its praise, this was inevitable. The stroller has been dubbed, and actually it is, the lightest stroller in its class. Weighing only 33.8 pounds, despite the fact that it has a steel frame, the stroller’s light weight allows for very easy handling as you will require less effort to push it. Its seats are reversible, thus the stroller can be folded with both seats on. This make contours options lt tandem stroller very economical on space, as it will easily fit in your trunk and take little storage space.

Designed for two babies, each a maximum of 40lbs, the contours options lt tandem stroller also comes with an infant car seat adapter. The adapter can take almost any infant car seat design in the market. The infants’ safety is also put into consideration as it comes with a canopy to shield your infant from direct sunlight and draught. The 8 inch front wheel has a suspension that makes contours lt tandem stroller easy to handle as it can be easily steered even in sharp bends. The front wheels also lock securely when you stop so you don’t have any worries of finding your kids at the bottom of a slope.

Your kids comfort in a stroller is very vital as it will dictate how much they will enjoy a trip in it. Kolcraft put this into consideration as they were designing the contours lt tandem stroller. This stroller has retractable seats which comes in handy especially when your kids want to take a nap. For infants below 6 months, an infant’s headrest is available in each seat to ensure that the infant’s head is comfortable as he or she takes a nap. The seats in contours lt tandem stroller also have a stadium like arrangement. This is a very big plus as it allows your kids in the stroller to have a nice view of their surroundings reducing boredom. Contours lt tandem stroller comes with 6 different seat positions and 3 different leg positions, so you don’t have to worry about your child becoming restless due to discomfort.

Infants require some necessary gear around them such as diapers and extra clothes. The extra large basket storage at the contours lt tandem stroller will accommodate all these gears. Parents also have an adjustable cup holder to place their water bottles or drinks as they move around with their kids.

For a parent looking for a stroller, look no further. With 2 colour options to choose from; Valencia gold and crimson red, Contours options lt tandem stroller is the best buy for you.


All you need to know about the britax b-agile double stroller

Travelling is a very vital facet of our lives. While moving around on your offer might be easy, parents with new borns can find the process a little tedious. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost, thanks to strollers. Talking of strollers, the name Britax should definitely hit your nerves. This is a company that specializes in the manufacture of strollers and with its ability to produce top-notch products; it is a giant in this field. That stated, they have recently released britax b-agile double stroller. Why should you really go for this product?

Generally, this stroller comes with a quick fold design, it will suit any child from birth until they are at most 50 pounds per seat, it has a height adjustable handle and will work perfectly with Britax car seats. Additionally, its frame is made from lightweight aluminum which is 30.5” wide.

This is one stroller that eliminates any worries about your height. You will no longer have to strain yourself whether you are tall or short. The adjustable pushbar makes this all possible. Of also great significance is that, you can find a total of 8 positions to position the pushbar. You definitely will not miss a favorite position.

With this product, Britax has strived to offer you travelling convenience a very unimaginable manner. The easy to click and go adapter was their winning maneuver on this. The facility offers an immense amount of convenience when attachment to different infant cars is necessary. It is amazing that the receivers can be left reduced in size and folded at the same position when extra storage space is necessary. This kind of a double stroller is the perfect choice of frequent travelers.

In the past, it was a norm that strollers had to be replaced depending with the child’s age. Britax has eliminated this hustle and tussle for you. With seats that can lean back, your kid will be comfortable with Britax B Agile double stroller right from their early days until when they are toddlers. The mesh window on these strollers that allow an easy watch over the kids is a distinguishable feature. The main importance of the mesh window is the ventilation it offers the kids hence eliminating the risk of suffocation.

The need for comfort for a toddler cannot be overstated. Their young bodies need a good amount of comfort for it is vital for growth and development. That is exactly what the seats of this stroller offer. Made with extremely gentle and soft materials, it can be stated with confidence that the seats allow the child to move freely without the risk of injury. A headpad is incorporated on the seats to allow the head of the child to move smoothly and safely. To the parent, the handle bar is manufactured to be smooth with a top standard grip of a great amount of comfort.

Finally, Britax B Agile double stroller should be the dream stroller for any parent due to its less bulky design. This kind of a compact design allows it to fit in any position. Compared to other double strollers that bring handling problems, this stroller should be your choice.