Having a baby is one of the best feelings in the world, and so it is natural for you as a parent to want to give your child the best he or she can get. With the everyday busy schedules, you will always desire to maximize on the little time you have with your kids, by going out with all of them and spending some quality time together. This introduces the need for a stroller, and with a flooded market, making a wise buy is important, and if that is what you are looking for, the contours options lt tandem stroller is the best buy yet.

A product of kolcraft, contours options lt tandem stroller should grab your attention as it won the NAPPA gold medal award for the best stroller in 2012. With so much to its praise, this was inevitable. The stroller has been dubbed, and actually it is, the lightest stroller in its class. Weighing only 33.8 pounds, despite the fact that it has a steel frame, the stroller’s light weight allows for very easy handling as you will require less effort to push it. Its seats are reversible, thus the stroller can be folded with both seats on. This make contours options lt tandem stroller very economical on space, as it will easily fit in your trunk and take little storage space.

Designed for two babies, each a maximum of 40lbs, the contours options lt tandem stroller also comes with an infant car seat adapter. The adapter can take almost any infant car seat design in the market. The infants’ safety is also put into consideration as it comes with a canopy to shield your infant from direct sunlight and draught. The 8 inch front wheel has a suspension that makes contours lt tandem stroller easy to handle as it can be easily steered even in sharp bends. The front wheels also lock securely when you stop so you don’t have any worries of finding your kids at the bottom of a slope.

Your kids comfort in a stroller is very vital as it will dictate how much they will enjoy a trip in it. Kolcraft put this into consideration as they were designing the contours lt tandem stroller. This stroller has retractable seats which comes in handy especially when your kids want to take a nap. For infants below 6 months, an infant’s headrest is available in each seat to ensure that the infant’s head is comfortable as he or she takes a nap. The seats in contours lt tandem stroller also have a stadium like arrangement. This is a very big plus as it allows your kids in the stroller to have a nice view of their surroundings reducing boredom. Contours lt tandem stroller comes with 6 different seat positions and 3 different leg positions, so you don’t have to worry about your child becoming restless due to discomfort.

Infants require some necessary gear around them such as diapers and extra clothes. The extra large basket storage at the contours lt tandem stroller will accommodate all these gears. Parents also have an adjustable cup holder to place their water bottles or drinks as they move around with their kids.

For a parent looking for a stroller, look no further. With 2 colour options to choose from; Valencia gold and crimson red, Contours options lt tandem stroller is the best buy for you.


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