Diet of the Rex Guinea Pig

Rex Guinea Pig is the largest breeds of these pigs. Its hair is short and dense. The texture is very wooly. Length is between 20-45 centimeters. Lifespan is 6 years depending on the environment. The breeding period is 20 weeks and 65 to 72 days gestation period. It is able to produce 3 litters for the first 6 times of giving birth. It is a calm and gentle animal that does not need grooming and trimming like other breeds.

Diet of the Rex guinea pig is not particular but must contain a nutritional mix of food that contains all categories of a balanced diet, that is, proteins, starch, and vitamins. Vegetables and fruits can be given but mainly as treats but should be in minimal quantity to avoid getting sick anddeveloping liver problems and/ or diarrhea. Its little body is unable to produce vitamin C so this is supplemented by feeding it fruits and vegetables. The vegetables include; tomato, corn skills, parsley, Chinese cabbage, clover, broccoli, dandelion, and fruits includes; strawberries, melon, apple, blueberries, banana, cantaloupe.

While considering the food diet, note that fresh water is very important and should be changed frequently to avoid contamination which might make the guinea pig sick. Definitely you do not want your pig to get sick.

The grass is also good for it as mainly it is fresh and contains no chemical. A guinea pig eats a lot of grass at first then slows down when it is full. One should ensure that it is not fed a lot of grass since it may cause stomach upset and diarrhea. The pig’s poop becomes gooey. You can leave the guinea pig access grass on the lawn or give fresh grass in its pen on a daily basis.

It may not drink water during winter season since they get plenty of fruits and vegetables that it consumes but drink a lot of water on hotter days as these fruits and vegetables are not in plenty.

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